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How This Nigerian Got Saved in Florida (Part II)

Enter Obama, and the Recession
A few months after this

episode, Obama was voted President of the United States (around Nov. ‘08), and officially took office in January ‘09. If anyone on earth remembers this period of time very well, that would be me… because I vividly remember the pains of the Recession (even the accompanying Young Jeezy album of the same title, including the song “My President is Black”).
I had no source of income, and it had become seemingly impossible to get a job because of the fresh economic downturn. I called my dad in naija for help, but he mercilessly “yabbed” me and hung up the phone on my head. I didn’t blame him because I had been in the land of milk and honey for more than 5 years with an original goal to secure a university education, which by the way he had already spent A LOT of money on. And here I was, still depending on him. [As a quick note, me and him NEVER had any real relationship, but education was important to him and he was willing to pay].
I needed money… I didn’t have a job, but I knew the dopeman and the weedman. I became self-employed, to cut the long story of the crack and weed game short. Streets wanted the product, I wasn’t scared, decent money came in.
Brink of self-destruction
By mid 2009, I had basically lost my mind, and may even have been called a psychopath by some. I can laugh about it now, but, some demons surely had me in their grip, no doubt about it.
I was like a madman. Almost all sense of judgment out the window, and didn’t care too much about or respect anything, myself included. Then I went and spent all my re-up money on some foolishness (including during a vain trip to Atlanta).
I came back to Tallahassee with nothing, except rent that was due and a bucket of other bills.
Like the immaculate genius of the century that I was , I thought it would be a good idea to rob a bank one time, and have money to clear these bills and buy more product to get back in the game (Hey, only God can judge me right?, and for those of us that don’t turn from wickedness, He will).
At worst, I could just spend the rest of my life in prison. At least food and housing is free.
The pride in me didn’t even permit me to plan the execution of the job properly. I had partied in the club the night prior, and I told no one of my predicament or plan. I thought I could just hand a note to the teller saying something like “give me the money, I have a gun and will hurt you if you don’t cooperate”, then walk out of the bank and hop on the bus. Which was what happened, except for the hopping on the bus part. She had handed me a nice bundle of cash, and I proudly walked out the building, but had to take off running as the bus stop was a little while off. [As a side note, I had owned a total of 3 cars at different times but lost them in ways I don’t want to get into right now because of length. Is writing a book a good suggestion?]. What I, the brave one, didn’t know, was that the tellers have a secret button they push in case of such events to alert nearby police troopers.
I didn’t have a chance.
They cornered me, put the cuffs on, and I was in their back seat (again).
This happened on July 30th 2009, my ex-girlfriend Kim Jones’ birthday .
Freedom at last! Thank u Jesus
They put me in Leon County Jail, and I knew I was going to spend some years in prison. My actions were a blatant violation of probation they had put me on from an October 2008 arrest (another long story).
I was in a two-man cell. During a random “shakedown”, the corrections officers found a cement pipe, which was illegal contraband, hidden away by my cellmate. He was probably hiding it incase a need for protection arose. They sent both him AND me to separate solitary confinement cells. This happened THE VERY NEXT DAY after I got in! In trouble already!
You see, what the Spirit (God) was doing, was bringing this ex-madman to a place where He could have me all to himself with nowhere to turn.
I REALIZED that I had not only become a horrible person over the years, but I had also thrown my life and dreams away. I today remember a thought that came to me one night while I was still doing my thing in the streets—“my only fear of death is not making it to heaven.” And I also remember telling Ashley Knight (aka AK) that God was going to destroy this world. That was in my perverted days; I could just see the evil everywhere, in myself and others.
But my transgression against the Divine fully dawned on me in that confinement cell H-42.
I got on my knees and told God I would do whatever He says.
I surrendered.
I later saw a young white inmate walking pass my cell door with a Bible in his hand. I called and asked him how he got it. He told me what to do. He then asked me if I was “saved.” I don’t think I had ever heard that term before then. But my dear people, I answered him with a big YES! He said “how do you know you are saved?” I said “because I have faith.” I promise you, I DID NOT KNOW the doctrine of salvation by faith. It just finally dawned on me that God was real, and He was ready for me. I didn’t even understand the gospel yet, but I knew that I belonged to God, and that I was “saved.” I had FAITH, without receiving any teaching or understanding of the blood atonement.
The jail chaplain sent me some study materials prior to receiving a Bible (which is still the same Bible I use today Sept. 19, 2016). It was in that Bible study booklet that my eyes were opened to Jesus—the real One. All my sins were forgiven by God, and I had a place in heaven. Not because of my own righteousness or goodness, but because of the sinless Son of God, and his blood sacrifice of atonement. This was within the first week of August 2009. I cannot remember the exact day, because my whole brain was captivated with this new discovery and I just wanted to know everything I could about the God of creation.
As this understanding of the good news of Jesus came, I literally felt an invisible hand rubbing what felt like a balm or healing oil into my inner heart. I know, right? It was crazy. I felt it in my chest, so soothing. Just unbelievable. I would later find out that that was when the Holy Spirit came in. The oil, the anointing, the baptism, the supernatural circumcision. Lol. I love it! The way he does things!
I was healed. From what though? The broken heart caused by the tragedy and calamity of sin (Luke 4:18 and Isaiah 61:1).
To be continued… exciting events (physical and paranormal, yep) through the years incarcerated

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