New Vehicles Set to Replace Danfo And Molues in Lagos State

Wow Lagos state Government has recently introduceed new model busses that will replace danfo and molues in Lagos state.

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This new busses price will be cheaper and available for purchase in cheaper rate according to the government report, this busses can be purchased by any one who want to venture into local transportation bussiness within Lagos state. The lagos government has warn danfo and molues drivers to come and purchase this new model bus now before it becomes too late.

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Informationhood learned that this new busses that are will replace danfo and molues contains 30 seats. and will be more cheaper in price than danfo.

Commissioner for transportation, Dr. Dayo Mobereola said the scheme would see to the introduction of higher capacity buses that would have 30 seats as opposed to 14/18 seats, while the buses would be Eco – friendly, air-conditioned, comfortable, support for maintenance and backed by appropriate workshop which creates jobs.

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Forther more Mobereola said with the introduction of the new mode of transportation, danfo buses would be displaced economically as Lagosians would be left to choose between very cheaper means of transportation and expensive danfos.

The commissioner said Lagosians would rather queue up to board buses at cheaper rate than what the danfos would offer, thus, displacing them economically, adding that some of the existing danfo drivers had already keyed into the project.

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He included that the National Union of Road Transport Workers had already given government its support for the project.

This mean in few days or months from now lagosians will start experiensing this new developement.

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