How to Locate Ikeja General Hospital in Lagos, Address

How do i get to get to general hospital in Ikeja Lagos? How do i find my way to Ikeja General hospital in Lagos state?

If the above questions are related to yours, then this article is for you. Just read on.

How To Locate Ikeja General Hospital  

To get to Ikeja general hostpital in lagos might be easy for some people whome have been there before but not really easy for those going there for their very first time. On this article we are going to show you how you can find your way to Ikeja genereal hospital in Lagos state Nigeria

Where is the General Hospital in Ikeja Lagos Located

The ikeja general hospital is located in Ikeja Roundabout lagos state

Ikeja general hospital address: No 1 Oba Akinjobi Street, Ikeja Roundabout, Lagos State Nigeria.

How to Find Your Way to General Hospital in Ikeja Lagos

To locate General hospital in ikeja lagos, go to your nearest bus stop and find your way to Ikeja Roundabout Lagos, when you get to the roundabout, you can ask any body for the general hospital, it will be pointed for you.

This is the whole process of how to get to Ikeja general hospital in Lagos State.

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