How to Locate Alaba International Market in Lagos

locate alaba International market

How To Locate Alaba International Market in Lagos

IF your purpose of being here is to locate alaba international market in Lagos then definitely you are at the right article. On this article we going to look at step by step how to locate alaba international market in Lagos state for the sake of newbies going to alaba international market for the very first time to purchase or trade.

locate alaba International market

Locating where you haven’t been before could be sometime stressful and if didn’t get proper direction, you might end up missing your way, which is more stressful and burning of much money on transport. we knew every one are not at the same location, so we are going to look at it from different angle which gonna be helpful to many, but all the same we are not going to be taking if from closes by which we assume you could easily locate your way to alala international if you are closes by with just the help of asking your neighbors. Please we want you to know that this article is a bit long due to our mind of covering diligent vital part of it.

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How to locate Alaba International Market

From your location get a bus to Iyanoba, by the time you drop at Iyanoba you will need to cross over to the other side that if you have been drop at the side you are required to cross. The best way to know if you are going to cross or not is asking someone around where you where drop e.g “please Where do i Enter to Kekenape (maruwa) to Alaba”? This question will help you to where you could enter kekenape (Maruwa) to Alaba . Congrats

Note: Alaba is big, so you should know where to stop, or even ask the kekenape driver where you could get what you are going for.

Directions from some popular location of Lagos to Alaba international market:
We are sorry we won’t be able to list all location of Lagos but just the most popular areas. Also note that there might be other more better short cut from your location to alaba international apart from the once we listed below, but for better understanding of every one, and for the sake of newbies, we recommend going through this direction below.

How to locate Alaba International Market from Ikeja

Along ikeja railway road look for a bus going to Iyanoba. When you get to Iyanoba then follow the step above to get to alaba, or even soon you drop at Iyanoba just cross over to the other side of the express and ask where to get a kekenape (maruwa) to Alaba.

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If you couldn’t find Iyanoba bus direct at ikeja to Iyanoba, then you are required to go through short ways.
Go down to ikeja railway, get a bus going to Iyana-Ipaja, drop at iyana-ipaja and walk through bottom of the
bridge (fly over), just a bit from the under bridge there is a road by your left hand side, follow the road and
ask for Iyanoba bus, or even if you have intelligent ears you should be able to hear driver shouting Iyanoba soon
as you enter through the road front a bit.

Enter iyanoba bus and wait till the last bus stop before coming down. When you successfully arrive iyanoba, you
will have to walk forward to the express. Cross the express and ask of Alaba kekenape. Congrats

From Ikeja to Iyanoba transportation charges cost is #350 Naira

From Iyanoba to Alaba transportation charges cost  is #50

From Ikeja to Alaba transportation charges is = #400 Naira

How to locate Alaba International Market from Oshodi

You have two ways option going to Alaba from Oshodi, The first way is going through Iyana-ipaja and the second way is through Mile 2, This two option has their advantage and disadvantage. The easiest way is going through Mile 2 but it happened to be more expensive, and most time there is lot of traffic along mile 2 way.
If you choose to go through mile 2 way then follow this step.

  1. Enter Mile 2 bus from bolade bus stop Oshodi, it cost 150 to mile 2. when you get to mile 2 then drop and ask of Iyanoba bus, we head that there is a direct Alaba bus from mile 2 but haven’t go through it. When you drop at Iyanoba then cross the express to the other side and ask of Alaba Kekenapa (Maruwa). Congrats
  2. If choose to go through Iyana-Ipaja then enter a bus to iyana-ipaja, when you drop at iyana-ipaja then walk
    toward the fly over (under bridge) a little bit after the fly over you will see a road at your right hand, follow
    the road and ask people of Iyanoba bus. when you get to Iyanoba walk foward to the express and cross over to the other side, again ask for Alaba kekenape (Maruwa) #50 Naira to alaba. Congrats

From Oshodi to Iyanoba transportation charges cost #550 Naira

From Iyanoba to Alaba transportation cost #50

From Oshodi to Alaba transportation cost is = #600 Naira

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How to locate Alaba  International Market from Agege/Pencinima.

Locating Alaba International market from Agege is the most easiest among’s all, this is good news to those living at Agege. Go to pencinima and ask where to get a bus to iyana-ipaja or Iyanoba. Good to tell you that you could get Iyanoba direct in pencinima, it doesn’t really take much time or stress at all. in the next 1+ you will be in Iyanoba. When you get to Iyanoba walk to the express and crose over to get Alaba kekenape (Maruwa). If you couldn’t get a direct to Iyanoba bus at the time you get pencinima, definitely you have no other option than to go through iyana-ipaja. Enter Iyana-Ipaja bus, wait till the last bus stop before coming down. When you come down walk toward the the under bridge or ask any people where you can get Iyanoba bus. Cross the road, to the other side and follow the road at your left hand side. If go in a little bit you will be able to see Iyanoba bus, at your right, or even ask any one around there “please where can i get Iyanoba bus”?. Enter Iyanoba bus and wait till the last bus stop. When you successfully arrived at iyanoba, walk forward the express and cross to the other side and ask for Alaba Kekenape (Maruwa). Congrats

From Agege to Iyanoba transportation charges cost #350

From Iyanoba to Alaba transportation charges cost #50

From Agege to Alaba transportation charges is = #400 Naira

How to locate Alaba International Market from Ojota Lagos

Locating Alaba international market from Ojota Lagos is not still stressful and in fact there are many ways but we are going to look at just one. The way from Ojota to Alaba we are going to look at is through Ojota to Ikeja to Iyana-Ipaja or Ojota to Ikeja to Iyanoba Direct. Informationhood personally recommend going through Ikeja for easy process. Enter bus from Ojota to Ikeja Lagos, wait till the last bus stop before coming down at Ikeja. When you arrive at ikeja you need to hoop in another bus to Iyanoba. I yanoba bus is likely find along the way to Ikeja railway. The buses there along the road carries to Iyanoba. To get yourself right, you are required ton ask bus drivers a long that road for bus going direct to Iyanoba. Enter Iyanoba bus from Ikeja, when you successfully arrive at Iyanoba, then cross over to the other side and ask for Alaba kekenape. enter the kekenape and tell the drive where you would want to stop, if you are going there to buy someone and you are without direction then it advisable telling the keke driver what you are going for so he will know where to drop because Alaba international is huge.

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From Ojota to Iyanoba transportation charges cost is #450 Naira

From Iyanoba to Alaba transportation charges cost is #50

From Ojota to Alaba transportation charges is = #550 Naira

This is all we could cover on this article and if we notice any reason to update this article we will not hesitate to do that. With time we will be able to cover many location. but for now if your location is not listed above and it still seem to you difficult location alaba international market from your location then use the comment bus so we can put you through. Thank you for being here. All you have read here and more is the purpose of this blog to get people accurate information. we also get you the right people to do business with. If you are dealing with any business which is not listed here definitely you are at your own risk. To confirm if the business you are dealing has been reviews legitimate and worth dealing with, you should ask the business owner to provide his reviewed url link to confirmed we have reviewed the business legal and out of fault. Our reviewed to business and products are completely free even in most cases without the notice of the business or product owner, but if the owner of a company, business or product contact us with his product or business we could find more about it and give the business a trail without the business owner noticing it us then give accurate information about that business, products, services or company.

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  • Do you have any idea how much plasma tv could cost me in alaba, currently at the state of nigeria economic, i want to know if there is any reasob of coming there or just leave it for now.because i live at ibadan

    Opkeyemi April 27, 2016 8:25 pm Reply
  • Things are cheap in alaba, according to the which product and size, you will get the real price when you get there yourself.

    serome May 26, 2016 8:34 am Reply
    • Thanks for he help out sir

      Informationhood June 6, 2016 7:07 am Reply
  • Are they selling untested laptops in alaba at cheap price?

    Stanley May 30, 2016 10:19 am Reply
    • Yes but you have to go deap. there ae many untested stuff there

      Informationhood June 6, 2016 7:03 am Reply
  • Can I get a direct bus from oshodi to alaba market without going through mile 2 or iyana ipaja?

    harry July 15, 2016 2:38 am Reply
    • No sir, you must have to go through any of these two in other to get to Alaba

      Informationhood July 15, 2016 7:25 am Reply
  • Please do you or anyone else have an idea of the cost of purchasing and branding blank DVDs at Alaba Int’l Market?
    Thank you

    Mr. Success August 14, 2016 1:18 pm Reply
  • Pls can I get any fairly used 42 inches (TOKUMBO) plasma Tv of any product in Alaba international market and at what cost.?

    RICHARD ENEGIDE December 21, 2016 3:12 pm Reply
  • how can I locate alaba from Agbara junction

    Passcord October 27, 2017 6:13 pm Reply
  • where can we sell comedy cassette in alaba international market

    Honest Okon Ufokiko July 4, 2018 6:52 am Reply
  • Good job bro…but I can I get to alaba from ojodu berger?

    Oludele oluwapelumi December 30, 2019 10:49 pm Reply
  • I mean,how can I get to alaba from ojodu berger

    Oludele oluwapelumi December 30, 2019 10:51 pm Reply
    • Get bus from Berger to *Agege*. From there get bus to *Iyana Ipaja* from Iyana Ipaja get Bus to *Iyanoba* from Iyanoba get marua keke nape to *Alaba International*

      Serome December 31, 2019 5:45 am Reply

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