InterC Network Nigeria Launch 4G network

Nigeria Telecommunications firm known as InterC Network has launch 4G Long-Term Evolution service in Nigeria.

interc network Nigeria

InterC Network Nigeria Launch 4G network

The first and only company that done this before now is ntel, the company that bought off Nigeria Telecommunications Company.

InterC Network promise services of extraordinary high-speed data services through the deployment of 800MHz spectrum band 20 and determination to give Internet users a better experience in Nigeria in the unveiling that took place in Lagos. Outside delivering of better service in Nigeria, the service has boast of affordable data.

The InterC network services currently available to three cities in Nigeria which are Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kaduna, while preparation is ongoing to extend to other markets.

The unveiling of the network also coincided with the formal announcement of the transformation of Intercellular Nigeria Limited, a provider of fixed and mobile services using Code Division Multiple Access technology to InterC Network.

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