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How to respond to Seizures

Do you want to know how to handle seizures? Informationhood brings you safe, fast and lifesaving ways to handle seizures.

A seizure is a sudden surge of electrical activity to the brain. A seizure affects how a person acts or appears for a short time.

The Brain cells either excite or inhibit brain cells from sending any messages.

Seizures arent diseases but symptoms of many disorders that can affect the brain.


1. Stay calm

2. Call 199

3. If the person is standing, prevent him or her from falling by gently putting him or her on the floor

4. Remove furniture or objects that can injure the person

5.  Position the person on his or side so that any saliva or vomit can leak out of his or her mouth rather than swallowing it.

6. Dont put anything including your fingers in the person’s mouth. You could chop ur fingers off or chip the person’s tooth

7. Loosen the person’s clothing

8. Dont give the person anything to eat or drink until the person is fully conscious of his or her environment

Finally, keep trying the emergency lines.

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