How to Put Social Share Buttons on Blogspot Blog

Social sharing buttons are very important to blogs and website. The fact remains that if you would want to grow your blog traffic in Nigeria you should consider implementing social share buttons to your blog for your readers to easily share your content with their friends. This post will show you how to put social share buttons on blogspot blog easily.

how to put share buttons to blogger blog

On this post i won’t be going into details on how to grow your blog traffic as i have already covered that on one of our post. If you are looking for how to grow your blog traffic, we have covered there here “ How to get people to always your blog in Nigeria “, that article will show you all you need to do to get high traffic to your blog or website easily.

We have so many ways we can put social share button to our blogger blog easily, we are going to look at the best among all on this article. All the method mentioned below will put a fantastic share button to your blog, you just have to make a choice.

How to put social share buttons on blogspot blog using AddToAny share button

The best way of putting share buttons to blogspot blog is by using AddToAny, This widget social share buttons source give access to easy installing of the share buttons directly to your blogger blog. Follow the process below

Adding Share Buttons To Blogspot Blog Manually

If you would prefer adding social share buttons to your blogger blog manually then follow the step bellow.

  • Go to your blogger dashboard
  • click on add gidget
  • look for HTML/java script and paste the code below inside it
[code language="html"]
<div class="a2a_kit a2a_kit_size_32 a2a_default_style">
<a class="a2a_button_facebook"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_twitter"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_google_plus"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_pinterest"></a>
<a class="a2a_dd" href=""></a>

Save it and that is all.

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Advance share buttons to blogspot blog
There is an advance share button you can add to your blog but it seem complicated for people who doesn’t have html knowledge, if you would prefer the advance share button then follow the steps below.

  • Go to Template > Edit HTML and click inside the template code editor
  • In the template code, search for <code><data:post.body/></code> using the editor’s search feature. To bring up the search bar, press Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) + F on your keyboard
    Right after that line, paste the following code:
[code language="html"]
<!-- AddToAny BEGIN -->
<br/><a class='a2a_dd' href=''><img alt='Share/Bookmark' border='0' src="//" width='171' height='16'/></a><p class='a2a_linkname_escape' style='display:none'><data:post.title/></p><script type='text/javascript'>var a2a_config = a2a_config || {};a2a_config.linkname_escape=1;a2a_config.linkurl="<data:post.url/>";</script><script src="//" type='text/javascript'></script>
<!-- AddToAny END -->

Save the template and that it.

To add social sharing buttons to blogspot blog with ShareThis

There is another easy way to put social share buttons to your blogspot blog without stress, just follow the steps below.

  • STEPS 1. Go to
  • Choose the share button you wish to have in your blog
  • Click on ” Get the code “
  • Create new account or login using your facebook
  • After login in ┬ácopy the code that they give you and go back to your blogger dashboard
  • click on add Gidget
  • look for HTML/java script and paste the code that you copy from the sharethis website and save the gidget and that is all. Go to your post, you will see your share button shining eyes there

This are the complete method on how to put social share button to blogger blogspot blog.

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