How to grow in Christ

Mind the way your mouth consumes, though this is my own idea, i feel that when you eat too much the flesh become fat and lazy, and then the spirit becomes weak, this is when enemy can pick you up easily. when will you learn how to sacrifice and suffer the flesh for the spirit to grow in Christ? you should learn how to fast, pray and praise the lord, for this is the only quickest way your spirit can become strong in Christ and there will be no evil power that can eliminate you not even the devil. For the blood of Jesus will mark on you, and more will the spirit grow day after day. i tell the spirit recognise every pain the flesh passes through for him, and the flesh also quickly recognise that he is suffering for Christ sake.  This is where your spirit grows by connecting your heart closer to God, for every word of God study at this point will go as knife cut to the soul, you will we start growing in Christ. you must have known now that the body is just a house to the spirit, for this reason if a owner of a house is no more then his/her house become  useless, this mean when the spirit is no more then whole body become useless. The bottom line word is that the Peace you are seeking for; is in JESUS CHRIST.

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