How much is from warri to lagos: Cost of travelling to lagos

You would like to know the cost of transporting from warri to lagos? such as how much is from warri to lagos. below are the full cost of transportation from warri to lagos on different transportation service. know to exact amount to travel from warri to lagos below.


Since Subsidy removal took place in Nigeria in may 2016 the cost of transportation from warri to lagos has drastically increased in price with 1000 – 1500 in many transportation conpanies in Nigeria

We put together this transportation charges of from warri to lagos state article to help travellers estimate their travel budget. The cost of transportation from Warri to Lagos rely on the transportation service you are using,

From Warri to Lagos generally is between #3000 – #3500 Naira depending on the transportation service you choose to use.

Note that this article may not be 100% accurate but 95% sure. Change of price that may occur any time. but at the time of writing this article the price is #3000 – #3500 depending on the transportation service you choose to use.

how much is from warri to lagos

We have listed the charges of some transportation company that travel from Warri to Lagos below.

1. G Agofure Motors

Majority of people preferred Agofure motors for some reasons known to them. From our experience agofure motors are much more responsible than some other parks. They have law of limited speed, no driver are allowed to drive above the given speed by the management. Agofure charges #2900 from warri to lagos mile 2 while charges #5500 when there is heavy fuel scarcity.

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Agofure Motos Office Address In Warri

  • 158 P.T.I Road Effurun, Warri Delta State.
    Phone number: 08063922418
    (053) 257275, 254839, 257688
    08046103025 . They are also located in Deco Road, you can call them with the number above for more info.

Agofure Motors Office Address in Lagos

  • Beside Signal Barracks, Mile 2, Lagos State NigeriaContact number: 08063922418, 08078176536.
  • Badggry: Their park is also in badagry lagosAddress: Km 23 Badagry Expressway, Maza Maza, LagosPhone number: 08063922418, 08078176536.
  • 5. Ojota, LagosAddress: By Texaco Filling Station, Ojota, Lagos, Lagos, LagosPhone Number: 08063922418, 08078176536,Agofure motors has more parks in Lagos. For all Agofure motors address in Lagos visit

2. Greener Line Transportation Ltd

Greener line is another trustworthy transportation service, their driver are very respectful and attend to their passengers in polite manners. They have well comfortable buses with Air condition. They examine their bus very well before taking off, and if any problem occur during travel they immediately send another bus to pick the passengers and continue the journey while they take the spoiled out to fix it.

How much is Greener line transportation from warri to lagos?
Greener line has the best comfortable buses, greener line motors charges #2,800 from warri to lagos, and #3,500 when it’s heavy fuel scarcity.

Greener Line Motors Address In Warri And Phone Number.

  • Km 4 refinery Road Ekpan, Warri Delta State.
    Phone number: 08039322665
  • Plot 12 Airport Road, Warri South, Delta State
    phone number: 080223636447, 08039322665

Greener Line Motors Address In Lagos

  • 19A, Agege Motors Road, Jibowu, Lagos Mainland Nigeria
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3. God Good Motors

God is good motors is another well recommended transportation company we always recommend in sending items from lagos to warri, you can read that here How to waybill item from lagos to any state or location. God is good motors is very good for travelling

We have always recommend God is good motors because of their good quality service, their driver are always on uniform. God is good motors attend to passengers in a very good manners and they have high technology service. Passengers data goes straight to computer while booking ticket, their motors air condition are powerful. Their drivers are been given maximum limited speed and if driver go beyond that speed and get report by passengers then driver has embark on his sack journey immediately.

God is good motors charges #3000 normal, and #4000 when it’s heavy fuel scarcity.

God Is Good Motors Address And Phone Number In Warri

  • Warri Terminal
    138, Effurun Sapele Road, By Airport Junction, Effurun, Delta State. 08071391828 [email protected]

God Is Good Motors Address And Phone Number In Lagos

  • Ajah Terminal
    Near Police station in Ajiwe Ajah 08090470737 [email protected]
    for more God is good motors addresses in lagos, visit
    Addresses And Phone Number Of God Is Good Motors In Lagos

This are the only transportable service we trusted in travelling from Warri to Lagos or from Lagos to Warri.


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