GOTV Watch October 2016 Free is Not Working – Was it lie or What?

Too many complaints coming from so many people regarding these issues. Some months ago GOTV announced that its subscribers who stay connected non-stop from 1 July to 30 September will enjoy one month free in October, the promo was to take place this October. It was understood that a user who stay on constant subscription from June 1 to September 30 have the whole month of October watch free of charge. Now the big question is was it real or just a trick to get people subscribing?.


GOTV Watch October Free is Not Working – Was it lie or What?

Here October we are and since the beginning of this month a lot of complaints has been hitting on informationhood on GOTV contact details page, so many people has contacted our support team direct for quick answer. The fact that GOTV have not come out in public acknowledge or state the issue why breach of promise of promise is getting some Nigerians mad at them.

Today we have taken our time to contact GOTV personally to know what is actually going on with the promise they made earlier. While we await a reply from them, we would want to as well hear from you if yours is working as promised by GOTV?.

Earlier on some complaint stated that the even got a notification from GOTV that they are qualify for the October free promo but still when the subscription expired it got stock and some of the complainant stated that when the try calling GOTV they did’t get any reasonable reply, you can check some of the comment the GOTV contact page.

Below is a copy content of mail our support team send to GOTV

Regarding October promo you dished out to your users early June 2016, of an idea of keeping their subscription active till September and enjoy GOTV although October for free. Report has been reaching informationhood regarding a Breach of  promise (Broken Promise). According to the complainants, your promise was not executed and regarded to as a trick in getting your users to keep their subscription on, which is wrong to do as a company. This is to say you didn’t keep your own side of the deal.

This complaints has been coming from so many of your users if not all, no person has ever confirmed that it work for him/her.

Before launching an article regarding these issue , it will be of a good act/ideally to contact you direct so we can know if this complains against you is for real or a miss up technical issues somewhere. We want to hear directly from you if this accusation is true or false and a brief explanation why these users are encountering this issues and what is your intention of solving this problem. For your users complaints you check Here .

Thanks as we hope to hear from you soon


Informationhood Support Team

The above is a copy of our recent mail to GOTV, hopefully we are waiting for their reply. Sure! we will update this post with the reply we will get from them soon as they get back to us.

So if you intend to see the reply, it ideally to keep an eye on this post, you can bookmark this page or add to home screen so easily come back here any time.


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