GOTV Sms Short Codes

This article is all about GOTV sms short codes all over africa. Gotv has their own sms short code you need to use in case you ran into some issues such as clearing error messages, resetting your gotv, paying for your GOTV with phone and many more. This codes are very important to have and even to keep on your diary or bookmark this post to your phone or even on you computer because you might need this codes any time.

gotv sms short codes

This article contain all GOTV short codes of all Africa countries they are operating.

GOTV SMS short codes

Nigeria – 22688
Ghana – 4688
Kenya – 6088
Uganda – 6688
Malawi – 4688
Mozambique – 4688
Tanzania -16688
Zambia – 4688
Zimbabwe – 6088

This are GOTV SMS short codes

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