God is Good Motors Price List

On these article is God is Good motors price list. God is good motors is one of the best transportation service in Nigeria having good reputation of passengers attendants. God is good motors has a reliable services that created to give to passengers maximum satisfaction end to end. With God is good motors smart terminals, staff who are all about great service and good standard vehicles, this service has promise first class transportation is guaranteed.

God is good motors price list

God is Good Motors Price List

The transportation service has terminals in Lagos, Abuja, Delta, Akwa-Ibom, Anambra, Bayelsa, Enugu, Imo, Kaduna, Edo, and River State. below are God is Good Motors price list.

Lagos To —

LAGOS to ABUJA-Utako cost ₦5,895.00

LAGOS to DELTA-Warri or Lagos cost ₦3,195.00

LAGOS to DELTA-Asaba or DELTA-Asaba to Lagos cost ₦3,915.00 – ₦4,365.00 depend on the bus you would want to enter as there are two kind of bus

LAGOS  to EDO-Auchi or EDO-Auchi to Lagos cost ₦3,195.00

LAGOS to Port Harcourt Rivers State or Port Harcourt to Lagos cost ₦5,445.00

LAGOS to ABIA-Umuahia price cost ₦4,995.00

LAGOS to ABIA-Aba price cost ₦5,445.00

LAGOS to ENUGU-Enugu price cost ₦4,365.00

LAGOS to ANAMBRA-Awka price cost ₦4,095.00

LAGOS to IMO-Owerri price cost ₦4,365.00

LAGOS to AKWA IBOM-Uyo price cost ₦5,445.00

LAGOS to KADUNA-Kaduna price is: 5,400.00


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FTC Abuja to —

FCT ABUJA-Utako to IMO-Owerri cost price: ₦5,400.00

FCT ABUJA to RIVERS-Port Harcourt price is: ₦6,300.00 – 7,200.00

FCT ABUJA to ENUGU-Enugu price is: ₦4,500.00

FCT ABUJA to LAGOS-Festac or any Lagos location price is: ₦6,300.00

FCT ABUJA to DELTA-Warri price is: ₦4,995.00

FCT ABUJA to DELTA-Asaba price is: ₦5,400.00 – ₦4,950.00

FCT ABUJA to ANAMBRA-Awka price is ₦5,445.00

These are God is good motors prices, if your destination price is not on these list then drop a comment below.

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    1. Lagos (Iyana Ipaja) ==> Akwa Ibom (Uyo) – Adult N7,250.00

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    Good morning.

    Please I need to know the cost of your transportation for Lagos to Abuja., very important cos I need to book for it.

    Thank you.

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    1. Please I need your customer care contact number I want to book for 10,people going to akwa ibom on 6 April 2017 call me on 08035140151 Lawrence.thanks

      1. You really don’t need to stress yourself, just visit their site and book online.

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  33. Golah-eube Emmanuel

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    1. From Abuja to Asaba Delta is ₦7,650.00

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  63. There’s no transport from fct to Enugu

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  65. Mrs. Ivy Iheanyichukwu

    Pls I would like to make a reservation for a trip to Umuahia from Iyana-Ipaja, but the date 27th Dec, does not come up.

  66. can i book a bus online from your company?

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  68. Please has these prices been affected by christmas palaver if yes please notify me of the new price so as know how i will be going to the park with thanks

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  72. I count it a stress free platform to have you pple on net,but all eans to reach the iyana ipaja terinals failed,sent series of mails and sms but to know proves abortive,firstly I will want to know the cost of fare from Lagos to Bayelsa.and some charter denominations from Lagos to Abuja.Dauda.

  73. Benin to Awka is how much? Goodevening Sir

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  78. thinking of going to Abuja tommorow throu GIG motors

    1. GIG please can u guys tell me the price tag from benin to abuja

    2. GIG,please can u guys tell me the price tag from benin to abuja

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  90. Pls what if one have load a kind of goods and properties hw
    will d person be charged

    1. Pls am waiting for a reply cos I want to travel to abuja from asaba tomorrow morning and I have some loads.

    2. Abuja to Asaba is ₦3,960.00, You won’t be charge for your load if they are not much, but if much you will get acurate charges of your load when you get to the terminal.

  91. The price for bayelsa is not listed

    1. Bayelsa to which destination do you want?

  92. according to what I saw on your Facebook page, Lagos to Abuja is 3400. why almost 6000 now?

  93. How much is Lagos to sokoto

  94. Abuja to Ogun..

  95. pls how much s Lagos to Kaduna now? am waiting for ur response.

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  103. how much from ASABA to akwa-ibom

  104. Pls how much does it cost from Abuja to Aba, & when is your take off time?

  105. How much does it cost from benin 2 Akwa ibom

  106. How much does it cost from benin to Akwa-ibom

  107. How much from Abuja to Awka

    1. will update that shortly.

  108. How much is Portharcourt to lagos i want to drop at mile 2

  109. From Ajah To Awka is how much pls

  110. Good morning, appreciate your work, I want to confirm if I can book for a trip to suleja for Friday night and also I will like to know the nearest terminal to ogba and fee

  111. How about the fare from Bayelsa to Abuja?

  112. Good day pls how much is the cost from Port Harcourt to Abuja

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  114. is there Abuja to Uyo? how much will it cost?

  115. hw much will it cost from owerri to calabar

  116. how much will it cost from owerri to calabar

  117. how much 4rm port Harcourt to Lagos

    1. Port Harcourt to LAGOS is – ₦5,535.00

  118. Hi, what’s the fare from abj utako to Warri fist class bus ticket.

    1. What is your fare from Akwa ibom to warri

  119. Please, is there any termof yours in ikot ekpene here in akwa ibom?

    From akwa ibom to abuja cost?

    1. Not sure of your location ikot ekpene. Check the contact terminal ad contac details list to find your lacotion. vist http://www.informationhood.com/god-good-motors-terminals-contact-details-nigeria/

  120. Good morning,
    I will say you guys are doing fantastic good job. I want to go to Accra Ghana. Guess I will be using Iyana Ipaja terminal. How much will it cost me cos i want to go on the 30th of Sept. Reply asap. Thank you!

  121. what about warri to ebonyi state…

  122. pls…what is the price from benin to Ajah?

  123. igbinedion edo osaigbovo

    Abuja to Benin

    1. ABUJA-Utako to EDO-Uselu price is ₦5,940.00

    2. How much from Benin to abuja

      1. please can anybody tell me the current price from benin to abuja

  124. I didn’t see Abuja to Benin or Benin to Abuja fare

  125. how about fct abuja to aba

    1. FCT ABUJA-Zuba to ABIA-Aba price is ₦5,310.00

      1. Good evening pls i want to know how much is Abuja to Aba. I like to travel on 5 February first bus first seat thanks
        Albertor Gomes

        1. Enroll for a sugar mummy or daddy.. and make a good turn in your life. Call 07089378022 Bobby.

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