Garri Price in Nigeria: How Much is Garri Presently

Would you want to know Garri price presently in Nigeria location? If yes then these post is for you, just read on. With the current magnetic change happening in Nigeria, all things has decide to be unfriendly to any body including food items. We have recently see the heavy change in rice which hit almost every ones pot and draw down the consumption of rice by 30%. This made Nigerians go in search of the next food to hug.

garri price

So what is the next food naa? Garri of cause, both the rich and poor has learned to embrace Garri by developing heavy likeness for  the food Garri, what i don’t know is who want to be the farmer?

To save some breathe, i think you are here to know the current price of Garri in some markets of Nigeria? I will be giving you some markets price in Lagos, Delta and more others states, don’t ask me of your location because i am not God, therefore i am not in every where. I was gathered this information from people like you who are at different location, so when you don’t see your location here please don’t panic because it will still fall within these prices. Garri has increase in price and that is everywhere in Nigeria. You can even go out there to ask of the price and leave a comment to help the next person coming to these post.

Garri Price in Nigeria Presently

Garri Price in Lagos State at as September 2016 is #650 – #700 depending on the location
Garri has drastically drawn up since the price of rice increased due to the heavy demand that fall on it. Te price of Garri before in Lagos was 200 – 250 depending on the market and seller.

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Gari start going up in price since the new Nigeria administration banned importation and increase the price of doller in market, you might be asking why? is Garri imported? Don’t even ask why because i don’t know.

Who will do the farming and who will do the eating?

Garri Price in Lagos is now  #650 – #700 per robber

Garri Price in Delta state is #600 per robber

The price of Gari in River state is #700 per robber

The price of Garri in Abuja is #700 per Robber

The price of Garri in vilages are #500 per robber

The prices of Gari in Ogun State is #650 per robber

The price of Gari in Edo state is #550 per sobber

Garry price in Asaba #550

These is Garri Price in the location i have been able to gather their market prices at of this time, Note that the price list above is for Red Garri only. i will keep updating these post, meanwhile you can also contribute to these post by using the comment box below.

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