Fidelity Bank Customer Care Phone Number and Contact Details

This post contain fidelity bank customer care numbers and all mean of contacting the bank. Fidelity bank is one of the well known bank in Nigeria offering best savings, current, domicilary and more accounts in Nigeria. According to history Fidelity Bank Plc began operations in 1988 as Fidelity Union Merchant Bank Limited. By 1990, over it years of operation it had distinguished itself as the fastest growing merchant bank in the country.

Fidelity Bank Customer Care

On this post we present to you Fidelity bank customer care center contact details.

Call Fidelity Bank Customer Care on : 01-448-5252 or  +2349030005252

Fidelity Bank service on Whatsapp:  +2349030005252

Fidelity Bank Customer service on facebook:

Fidelity Bank Customer service on twitter:

Fedility bank email address: [email protected]


The above contact details are the only means of contacti fidelity bank plc in Nigeria

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  1. pls i want to sell my fidelity bank share holder because iam not in lagos anymore i have move to another state oyo st igboho and again i dont have an acct with fidelity again that is why

  2. pls i want to sell my fidelity bank share holder

    1. Hello Mr okoye

      I am Mr John Paul okeke based

  3. i want sell my fidelity bank share hw can i sell it

  4. maria laura pinilla

    hola buenas tardes!necesito que se comuniquen conmigo soy de bahia blanca provincia de buenos aires argentina,este es mi telefono 2915355149 de parte mother terrogie wells

  5. Hello fidelity customer care i’m very angry and disappointed with one of the workers in the bank, i ask my sister to open an account for me last year because am out of the country after she has open the account i started saving money on that account, then this year i decided to take some money into that account and i told the account officer to transfer money out of the account then she she started telling my in law that i want her to transfer the money into his account how much i have in that account, so for that reason i want to close that account am very angry about that lady. how can she be expossing how much i have in my account to my inlaw.

  6. Pls i went to withdraw yesterdy but wat i saw susprised me, how can i be debited without cash, nd they stil told me unavilable but i was debited… Pls wat shld i do

  7. Wat shld i do

  8. I want to enrolled my account but they are telling me it not available

  9. Hello fidelity am so angry with fidelity works in ado on Monday 31 of July i went there to received moneygram and the man in the moneygram stand picked the money and telling me to tell the sender to contact moneygram and the sender did the man don’t give me the money and the owner of the money is giving MW trouble find his money please try to talk to them to give me my money back $900 isn’t a small money he even call corps on us please do something because am closing my account with them anytimw soon if I don’t see my money and am going to do somwthingsl about it so please help me out

  10. my in Ghana to pay visa free for philipine embassy fidelity bank

  11. account number for to pay at abuja

    1. at abuja account for philipine embassy in abuja

  12. Why did you people locked my account for transfer money to my wife account.
    pls retrifer the problem. Have spend up to 500naira because of transfer.
    I’m really annnoyed because have called ur customer care number yesterday for 3time, nothing done yet.
    My kids are hungry I need cash this morning please do something.

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