Courses Art Students Needed in School & Jobs to Do With Art Degree in Nigeria

On this article you will find the courses art students needed in school and jobs you can do with Art degree in Nigeria. Are you an Art student or planing to study art in Nigeria? I thing you may not believe it, but i also think it very important you know it. On this article you are going to easily understand on the various marketable courses you can study as an Arts students in Nigeria, the courses that will put you apart from the crowd in the labour market. wow did i just said labor market, OH YES. just check below and you will be glad searching for this post. Below are list of places one can work  with Art Degree in Nigeria and courses an art students needed


Courses Art Students Needed in School & Jobs to Do With Art Degree in Nigeria


You must have known by now the importance of English, in case you still having doubt, English is one of the most important marketable courses in Nigeria at as today.  Does it sounds surprising to you? it cool i understand. The reason is because you might not have understand the extent to which a B.A. Honours in Arts can take you to. believe me it can take you beyond your imagination.

Let me quick elating you of some usefulness of English when you finish your study. As an English Language graduate, you eligible to work as any of the professionals below:

• Editorial assistant
• English as a foreign language teacher
• Digital copywriter
• Lexicographer
• Newspaper journalist
• Magazine journalist
• Primary school teacher
• Writer
• Secondary school teacher

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In addition you can also work in any of the fields listed below:

• Advertising account executive
• Academic librarian
• Advertising copywriter
• Information officer
• Arts administrator
• Marketing executive
• Records manager
• Public relations officer

If you can be able to win English in school, you will see how helpful it will be to you later in future, as a mater of fact when it come to time of applying for a job you will discover that while others may be rejected during interview, you will never be let down since you are diverse.


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We all know how highly respected lawyers are in Nigeria and all over the world. Becoming a lawyer will give you and your family even friends a lot of respect, you win respect in your community and everywhere you go this is for sure. The aura of authority is on you and you can reach places where others may not be able to get reach to. in some cases opportunities that seem to be shut on others will be opened to you all because of your high degree in law.
As it currently stand in Nigeria today and even the world currently, being a lawyer is full of opportunity and privileges. It almost impossible to find a jobless lawyer in Nigeria despite the challenges Nigerians are going through due to lack of job. As a lawyer, you can work in varieties of industries, this include banking sector and other high activist. Below i have listed places you can work as a law degree Check below:

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• Chartered Management Accountant
• Chartered Certified Accountant
• Chartered Public Finance Accountant
• Financial Adviser
• Commodity Broker
• Financial Manager
• Investment Banker
• Insurance Account Manager
• Investment Fund Manager
• Tax Adviser
• Pension Scheme Manager
• Civil service fast stream
• Health and Safety Inspector
• Government Research Officer
• Immigration Officer
• Police Officer
• MOD Police Officer
• Political Research Assistant
• Probation Officer
• Politician’s Assistant
• Public Affairs Consultant
• Trading Standards Officer
• Trade Union Research Officer

As a mater of fact, i can keep on listing hundred or thousand of opportunities. I can say the list is just endless.


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Music, Theatre Arts

Have you considered this before? B.A. in music or theatre arts is something worthy of honour. As a graduate, you really do not need to search for job; you would have been armed with skills while at school right. Yes! This skills are the skills that can make you an employer of labour. You can go into acting or wax your own record easily and give the best management ever.

With music degree you can also become a record producer or director. The possibilities are endless to say. You however need require to have some personal likeness for singing or acting in order to make it big in this profession.

Foreign languages

This is one most bless course currently and most payable job ever. Do you know a lot of foriegners are heading to Nigeria to transact business or even invent companies here in Nigeria? The common ones is Chinese, i can say Chinese people are like the igbos, Chinese people like business, and the have spread all over the world. Chinese people don’t understand English at all, this make them to look for some who understand Chinese and English to be transacting business for them. There are so many companies owned by foreigners in Nigeria who are not fluent in English. Being a graduate in foreign languages, be it Russian, Chinese, French, German or any other foreign language, makes you more marketable. You can teach any of these languages, either as a private teacher or as an employee. You can also work at embassies, and big production companies.

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Now that you have the full knowledge of what an Art stand stand to gain future,


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