On this article is the cost of UBA new ATM card, how to get it & how to activate uba atm card easily in Nigeria

cost of uba atm cardAre you planning of applying for your UBA ATM card and want to know the Cost of UBA ATM card and how to get it? This article contained the the cost of obtaining UBA ATM card and the process of obtaining it.

The cost of UBA new ATM card is #1,000 Naira
Weather you are applying for the very first time or something happen and you lost your previous ATM card and want to re-aply for new one! the cost is still #1,000 Naira

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Process of obtaining New UBA ATM card

  • Go to any UBA bank or the branch you opened your account.
  • Request for a new ATM card. If you have a lost ATM card you will need to block it first
  • Fill the form for a new UBA ATM card
  • Wait till you get a pickup alert from UBA bank or check on the same UBA branch you applied for ATM card within 7 working days.

Process of collecting new ATM card in UBA

Request for collection of your card. They will give you a short form to you to fill in your details and if your ATM card is ready you will be giving, you will be redirected to verification officer to verify you new ATM card.
After verification you will still need to activate your UBA new ATM card at their ATM machine. All you need to do is go to their atm machine outside and activate your card.

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How to activate new UBA ATM Card

  • Open the envelope which your ATM card is and bring out your new atm card
  • Open the new activation code
  • Insert your new UBA ATM card and put the new activation code
  • Click change pin button
  • Type your new password ( your own 4 digit password you want to be using )
  • Click proceed, you will get a confirmation message telling you that your pin has been change successfully. You can also change your pin at any time following the procedures above.
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Note: The bank will remove #1,000 from your account for the card charges.
You can only change your pin from UBA bank ATM machine’s only.

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  1. I have a UBA Atm Card but was not given a pin number with it how can I get a pin code for so I can access the ATM card

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