The Cost of GTBank ATM Card In Nigeria

How much does Gtbank charges for new ATM card? What is the cost of GTBank new ATM card? If this is related to your question then this article is for you, just read on as we bring you the cost of GTBank ATM card and the process to get it.

GTBank is one of the most popular bank in Nigeria not the best, they are operating in mindset of customer satisfaction, this bank has been operating in Nigeria since 17 January 1990, and they have gain the heart of so many Nigerians with their good service and loyalty.

gtb atm card

GTBank is one of the bank which first insisted that every customer must have an ATM card, in 2013 Gtbank encourage every customer of collecting their ATM card in other to less the boarding in the bank hall and to save time of their customers. In few months later GTBank introduce self payment service which enable customers to credit their account with their ATM card. This service is very easy to use and it’s still existing till this hours. However GTBank required all their customers to have an ATM card, but wait’ is GTBank ATM card free?  No!

If No then what is the cost of GTBank ATM card, how much can I get new GTBank ATM card? Or how much can I use in replacing my lost Gtbank ATM card?

Ok let go on, It doesn’t mater whether you have ATM card before that is lost or this is your first time of applying for ATM card, the cost of new ATM card remain the same for this both situation this means the charges are all the same for new and old ATM card

The Cost of GTBank ATM Card In Nigeria

The cost for GTBank ATM card is #1,000 Naira.

Wow how about this? cool right? Don’t mind me taking too much of your time. There are some things you should also be aware of. Note that you must have #1500 naira in your gtb account before applying for new GTBank ATM card.


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How to apply for GTBank ATM card

visit any GTBank closer to you, and meet with the customer care staffs. You can tell them you want to apply for a new ATM card. They will give you a form to likely fill and submit. Your ATM card will be ready in the next 4 working days more, all you should do is go and pick it up, register it and start making use of it.

If your have a previous stolen or lost ATM card, then you need to block it for safety reasons, we have covered how to block stolen or lost ATM on our previous article, check it here How to Block GTBank ATM Card if Lost/Stole

This is the cost of GTBank ATM card in Nigeria


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