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WATCHING TV: Sitting for hours increases your risk of heart attack and stroke, even if you exercise regularly. Exercise don’t compensate for the number of hours you sit. Why? The lack of movement may affect blood levels of fats and sugars. Walking around periodically and if you are at work, standing up to tlak on […]

Health Benefits of Cucumber Fruit – How Helpful it’s to Body

Cucumber benefit

Today we’re going to talk about the health benefits of cucumber. generally in Nigeria fruit is something we don’t really take serious however fruits have proven to be 85% good health beneficial in human. It’s almost close to impossible to maintain good health without eating fruits/vegetables. Health Benefits of Cucumber Fruit – How Helpful it’s […]

How to respond to Seizures

Do you want to know how to handle seizures? Informationhood brings you safe, fast and lifesaving ways to handle seizures. A seizure is a sudden surge of electrical activity to the brain. A seizure affects how a person acts or appears for a short time. The Brain cells either excite or inhibit brain cells from […]

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks in Nigeria

On these article you are going to learn how to get rid of stretch marks in Nigeria. In most cases Stretch marks are easily found in abdominal wall areas such as breasts, upper arms, buttocks, and sometimes at the legs lap, but can also occur over the thighs. Over time stretch marks can Esteemed to any […]

Health Fact About Garlic And Honey

Garlic is in every woman’s kitchen. It makes food taste grate the aroma is amazing and unexplained. Garlic also has it tons of beneficial health factors you are not probably aware of. What happen to your system when u eat garlic?. Health Fact About Garlic And Honey, How You Can Use Them For Your Health […]

How To Lose Weight with Nigerian Foods

Do you love those your Nigerian dishes but you cant seem to shed that extra weight? Worry not. Informationhood will show you how to lose weight and still enjoy your Nigerian meals. How To Lose Weight In Nigeria With Nigerian Foods 1. CARBOHYDRATE INTAKE A typical African meal is rich in carbohydrates. Daily intake could […]

How You Can Stop Smoking in Nigeria

Smoking is not really a nice and everyone usually go against it. If you are smoking then considering to stop smoking could be a nice idea. The problem is that stopping smoking is not an easy thing to so many people in Nigeria. there is a saying that once a smoker is always a smoker, […]

Best Hospitals in Abuja, Nigeria With Contact Details

Would you want to know the best hospitals in Abuja? On this article below we have covered all the 10 best hospitals in Abuja city and also have included their contact details for easy reach. Abuja is the federal territory capital of Nigeria FTC. There are so many hospitals in the city which to find […]

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