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N-POWER in Nigeria, All you Need to Know


n-power is a federal government initiative created to reduce unemployment, creat jobs and empower citizens of nigeria in various skills. The scheme is designed to do the following; To reduce poverty and unemployment. To produce individuals whom are empolyable at the end of the day. To profer solutions to faulty public service and government policy […]

How to Sell Used Phone or Tablet Easily in Nigeria

Thie article focus on how you can sell any used phone in Nigeria easily without stress. So many question this topic, how do i sell my phone in Nigeria? Where do i sell my phone faster in Nigeria and more. On these article informationhood is delighted to answer your question regarding how to sell your phone faster […]

How to Start Business With no Money in Nigeria

Good day my friend, You can start business with no money, it very possible. Well theses question of starting business no money has been ask by thousands to millions of people. Informationhood support teams has been receiving lot of email on these question. Today we have decided to give out the complete way to start […]

How You Can Sell Your Items Fast In Nigeria

Do you have have business or item you would want to sell and you are in Nigeria? if these is the case u want to tell you that you can now sell your items or product faster online in Nigeria without going through any stress. On these article you will lean the major  trick to […]

How to Grow Your Business in Nigeria

This article will teach you good business management, so you know how to manage your business in Nigeria. if you are looking for the proper way to manage you business in Nigeria and grow it to a good level then these article is for you, just read on. Yes you can, you just have to […]

Garri Price in Nigeria: How Much is Garri Presently

Harri price

Would you want to know Garri price presently in Nigeria location? If yes then these post is for you, just read on. With the current magnetic change happening in Nigeria, all things has decide to be unfriendly to any body including food items. We have recently see the heavy change in rice which hit almost […]

Insurance Companies In Nigeria: Trusted and Reliable List

Would you want to know the best performance insurance companies in Nigeria. Insurance industry is gradually gaining strong ground in Nigeria at as today, it wasn’t like this before, on times past, many Nigerians do not really understand the importance of insurance. Things are however changing these days as Nigerians now notice the importance of insurance […]

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