How You Can Stop Smoking in Nigeria

Smoking is not really a nice and everyone usually go against it. If you are smoking then considering to stop smoking could be a nice idea. The problem is that stopping smoking is not an easy thing to so many people in Nigeria. there is a saying that once a smoker is always a smoker, but i tell you once a smoker is really not a smoker and can never be if you don’t really want to be.

how to stop smoking

How To Stop Smoking in Nigeria

On these article i will be showing you some tips that can help you stop smoking and make a good man people have been expecting you to be. It will only take a time or even it can be so quick that you can surprise people around you that you no longer a smoker. First i want to ask if you are really tired of smoking and looking for help or tips to help you stop smoking. Why i am asking is that, without your own decision of stopping smoking there is nothing that can help you stop smoking. But if really you are tired of smoking then should be able to make it with these tips.

Without too many talk i would want to go straight to the main reason you are here since you have decided to stop these mess. As i have told you, smoking is really a mess and you should make a change in stopping it. Follow the step below to make a good change

1 Stop Going To Club: If you are someone who have been going to club or so, you have to stop going those places and make a good change. You can make a U turn by stopping clubs or going to other location that high you moral as warri boys always said.

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2. Change Your Friends: As said, tell me your friends and i will tell you who you are. If you are a smoker then your friends are likely to be smokers, for these reasons you have to find all means in changing your friends. There is no way you can stop smoking if you are still hanging around with smokers. Try to change your friends that are known to be smokers if you wish to stop smoking also. Also make a good friends that are not not smokers.

3. Limit Alcohol Consumption: Once a smoker is know to be a drinker if not a drunker. one thing that inspire smoking is alcohol, you can’t deny it because it the fact. A none alcoholic man/woman can’t be a smoker because there is no inspiration that warrant that. This is to say alcohol high the moral of every smoker and there is nothing that can limit smoking if the alcohol is still there.

4. Be Friend to God and Love Church: With God every thing is possible and there is nothing under these earth that can’t change easily. I want to tell you that every good thing comes from God and these should be your pillar of change. Going to church, listening to preaching and going for counseling will met your heart and change you thinking. If you have someone you want him/her to stop smoking then taking them to church counselling will help a lot and bring you the maximum gain as you have been expecting to. And if you are the one who seek change from smoking, now is the time to dive God, and ask for mercy so he can help you encourage your your faith.

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5. Take Life Easy:  The most thing that drive smokers crazy and amaze them with smoking is thinking too much of the next day and future. They felt smoking can relief them of the thinking stress, when they consider they living or the stress to go through tomorrow, they want to high their spirit to enable them think right of even forget the trouble ahead, for you thinking less of fighting the trouble could be smoking and drinking idea, but i tell you, it doesn’t mater the amount of cigarette you smoke you will still end up facing the problem even in a greater way because you will get yourself doss off at the right time you are suppose to face your fear and extend it to the next day.

6. Limit Your Anger: Getting angry quick will not help you in stopping smoking, if you are willing to stop smoking then you have to over look your problems and people that will annoy you. If you are married then you must over look your wife and children and learn how to abandon some trouble and sleep off. And again if you are helping someone to avoid smoking then you should make sure you do all you can that the person don’t get annoyed. These is because when ever the smoker get annoyed, he or she want to look for something that will cool him down, sometimes he or she want to leave the house and go out, these is when the smoker might get involve in smoking, or even he/her might decide to go hang out with his or her friends to cool his temper down, at these point he might get involve in smoking by seeing his or her friends smoking. Therefore a smoker must avoid getting annoyed and hot to temper.

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 7. Ask for Support: Your family and friends can support you if you wish in getting quite smoking and they will be able to remember you most of these things and even help you better as no one could.

8. Be a man/woman of Your Word in Your Honor: Are you sincere with your word? Do you keep according to your words? If yes then start it now, be a man of you word and stand by your decision. If you should go back then shame to you. These is the only way that can help you quit smoking fast.

Disclaimer: As you have already know, smokers are liable to die young before their time, this is because they have endanger their heart and kidney to diseases, therefor you most quitting smoking now before it get too late. Aside that, no good person or christian like smokers. My friend i will love you more when you are not a smoker.

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