How to Buy Airtime From GTBank Account: Very Easily

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Want to learn how to buy airtime from gtbank account directly?. Early 2014 GTBank was one of the first Nigeria bank to introduce the process of buying recharge card direct from your account, and till date the process is still on.

We notice that many people doesn’t still know how to buy recharge card using their GTBank account, that is why informationhood put together this article. ‘ how to buy airtime from GTBank Account’.How to buy airtime from GTBank Account

Complete guide How to buy airtime from GTBank Account

Now that there are many methods of buying airtime both online and offline, would there be any reason of buying airtime from GTBank account direct? The answer is absolutely ‘YES‘, the fact that many methods of buying airtime both online and offline has arrived doesn’t stop buying airtime directly from your GTBank Account the best process.

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Now answer this question, if you try to use an online method to buy recharge card and you discover your money was deducted but the card was not credited who will you held responsible? Again do you know the risk you might put your ATM card details into by buying airtime online using your debit card?.

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The website owner might not be the one to hurt your debit card but what if the website database get hack, what do you think will happen? So the fact still remain that buying recharge card directly from the sellers along the road is the best, followed by buy from gtbank account directly.

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Buying airtime/recharge card direct from your account required using only a phone number which has been link to your account, and not atm card. This means you have a maximum security because it only you that will be able to buy airtime using your account. It also possible to order recharge card for friends, but you must use the phone number linked to your account. The process is pretty easy and your airtime will get credited to your phone account immediately without any delay or stories.

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To buy recharge card from GTbank account, dial *737*amount# (e.g *737*200#)

How to Buy Airtime For Someone From GTBank

To buy recharge card for a friend with GTBank, dial *737*amount* recipient’s number# (e.g *737*200*08023456789#

It very fast and without stress, very reliable and easy, just follow the instructions above.

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