BEWARE! See What This Deadly Insect Can Do to Your Hand if Touch or Kill With Bare Hands

Killing some small insects with our hands has become part which some people plays, mostly in children. We want to use this opportunity to educate any one doing it, killing insect with bare hands is not safe neither a good idea. Always be careful with insects and be watchful of your children in making sure they don’t use their bare hands in touching or killing insects.

On the photo below is a very small and dangerous insect first find in India. This insect is very poisonous that it can kill human in few hours. Beside it destroys someone’s hand with it deadly virus if touch.

We warned to beware of this insect if seen any where, please don’t touch or kill it with hand. We recommend that you share this information with your friends and family for their safety.

World deadly insect


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