7 Places to Buy Cheap Smart Phones and Tablets in Nigeria

Are you in search of how or where you can buy cheap android smart phones and tablets in Lagos or all over Nigeria? Then this post 7 places to buy cheap phones in Nigeria is strictly for you. This is one of the common question one would want to ask when planing to purchase phone, electronics to be precisely. If you are asking where you can buy cheap mobile smart phone in Nigeria, know that you are not alone because over 2,000 Nigerians are asking these same question daily and on these article i will be showing you some shops you can buy smart phone from at a reasonable price here in Nigeria.

where and how to buy cheap smart phones in nigeria

7 Places You Can Buy Cheap Smart Phones and Tablets in Nigeria

Before i proceed, my question is what kind of phone are looking for? The reason i am asking is because there are new smart phones and London used smart phones and even Nigeria uses, and all are not find in same shops, therefore i will be writing this article in a way it will be helpful to those looking for cheap UK Used phones/tablets and also those looking to buy new phones or tablets, Check below for my little idea.

Where & How to Buy Cheap Smart Phones and Tablets in Nigeria

Note that i won’t be able to detect your location on this post. Most of the physical shops location on these post are in Lagos Nigeria, but if you are not in Lagos state, don’t be too worry yet as i will be showing you how you can buy your phone from Lagos and get it anywhere in Nigeria, so feel free and continue reading.

1. Slot

Slot is one of the top Nigeria electronic dealer. Slot is not really the cheapest place to buy phone in Nigeria, the reason it came first on this list is because slot has office in different locations in Nigeria and their phone prices are well reasonable. Slot was founded by an Igbo man name Nnamdi Ezeigbo in the year 1998 and over the years slot has grown to stand as the leading ICT company in Nigeria. You can find any type of phone in slot as we speak. Slot also have a website you can place order, as i mentioned above, slot has branches all over Nigeria, You can check for slot address number of the one closer to you here.

Website: www.slot.ng

2. Ladipo Warehouse 2

Warehouse 2 in ladipo is where you can get the most cheapest phone ever in Nigeria. Many people are not aware of these. Uk/London used smart phones are more cheap in ladipo warehouse 2. This is where most of the computer village phone dealer that are not direct importers buy their phones and resale. If you are looking on where to buy cheap phone in Lagos then you should consider ladipo Warehouse 2. The warehouse is located inside Ladipo market.

Note: Ladipo warehouse deal only on UK and American used smart phones and tablets only.

Warning: Ladipo is as bad as hell and the so call boys there are known as devil. three things you must have in mind when visiting ladipo market.

  • Don’t Buy Untested: I have been to ladipo hundred of times, i can tell you that none of the untested phone they are selling along the road will work properly as expected. I advice you stay clear of untested phone alone the road side, even when you are buying from the warehouse i advice that you insist they test every phone you are buying or else you have too much cash to repair after buying and in some cases it might not even work at all.
  • Don’t Buy Phone From The Boys Along The Road: The worst mistake you will make is to have any thing to do with those boys selling phones along the road side in Ladipo. I insist you go direct to the warehouse.
  • Don’t let any body take you to any of the shops in the warehouse: Normally when you get to Ladipo market you will see boys hanging along the road side, these boys are still inside the warehouse hustling there, their jobs is to take a customer to a shop where he/she can buy the phone. If you dare allow those boys to take you to a shop then you have automatically cheated yourself by yourself. You might want to ask how, well those boys has no shop, they are marketing in commission. When they take you to a shop then the seller will high the price of the phone in order for the guy that brought you to have his commission. This is when they will tell you 20,000 for a phone of 10-12k because the seller and the guy that brought you has already discus how much to add to sales from his lead.
  • Don’t pay till you have your phone and receipt in you hand: Don’t pay without handling you receipt and phone to avoid stories that touch.
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The reason i listed the above safety tips is because i know their behavior there, though buying from the warehouse is safe but you still have to play intelligently. You need to see the done LG Smart Phone a friend bought there recently at a very cheap price.

3. Computer Village

Computer village is second to the largest electronic market in Africa, it popularly known all over Nigeria. Computer village is the home for computers and phones. There is no type of phone you won’t find in computer village.

Computer village consist of different dealers, they focus on computers and phones specifically. I have been hearing of computer village even when i have not had dreamed of visiting Lagos, this is to elite you how popular computer village is in Nigeria.

How about the affordability of phones in village? Well i can say phone prices are cheap in computer village if compared with prices at shops in your location, most especially other states. One thing i like about computer village is that their UK/American used phones are very neat just as new, and most of them offer warranty.
To avoid too much stress i personally prefer buying my phones at computer village.

Note that computer village has a lot of phone dealers, and almost all the phone office you hear about are located there as well, such as LG office, Tecno office, Gionee office, samsung office including some top phone dealers. They have huge office in computer where you can buy both new and London used phone at a reasonable price. See how you can find your way to computer village here

4. Konga

You must have heard of konga online shop before but if you haven’t, Konga is an online shop in Ultra Slim where you can order for a phone or other items and have it delivered to you on your doorstep. The good thing is that you don’t pay for the item till your receive it. These will cut short the stress of going in search for phone to buy in shops or market, as all you need to do is visit konga official website and search on the type of phone you want, register and order it then just relax and wait for your phone to be delivered to your doorstep.

Among all the online shopping website, Konga have the cheapest prices of items, and their phones are not exception. Their prices are not too friendly but could be manageable since they are going to cut of the stress by delivering it to you.

One thing i don’t like about konga is the act of waiting for too long for an item you ordered for. in some cases it might take 2-3 weeks before they will bring the item to you. I understand that they are trying to work on this expect but currently their best is still not making any sense.

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Note: Konga only deal on new phones. You won’t be able to get a UK used phones on konga. Aside that, konga price is some worth giving a try, it more better than other online shopping mail in Nigeria.

Website: www.konga.com

5. Jumia

Jumia is just as konga the only different is they are separate companies. Jumia is also as an online shop where you can order for an item such as phone and have it delivered to your doorstep. Jumia also accept pay on delivery package which allow you to pay for the phone when only you receive it.

Jumia items are quite expensive but the only good thing about them is that they have a lot of items such as phones than others online shops. This means you will see a lot of phone to select from.

Jumia also have the problem of late delivery, i will even admit that Jumia start the whole mess but unfortunately jumia is really working hard to cut down duration of their delivery, while still expecting good result on these, i would advice you to always use the method of pay on delivery in other not to have problem with them.

Note: Jumia don’t deal on Uk used phones or tablets, all their items are new and bit expensive, but this is the price you pay for cutting off the stress of going out to look for a phone to buy from physical shops.

6. OLX

Olx can never be a strange name to you except you have been out of the country for quite some time now. OLX is one of the boss classified website in Nigeria, where a lot of cheap items are rocking day and night. OLX is not online shop but a classified website where both individuals and businesses sell their products online free of charge. This means everyone including you can go and sell products there, it’s just like a market where everyone can sell and buy.

In olx you will have to search for the item such as phone you want to buy and then call the seller on his/her phone number displayed on bottom of their ads and it has nothing to do with olx owner itself. The deal is between you and the person who owns the phone.

To cut long story short, olx is free to use. This is to say both the seller and buyer have nothing to pay for. All you need to do is search for a phone that suit your needs using the phone or tablet category and then contact the seller.

You and the seller will make an arrangement to meet so you can access the phone and then buy it. In these whole process OLX website has no hand in your transaction with the seller so you have to play smart and wise, make sure you see the phone you are buying before paying for it.

You can get a very cheap smart phone/tablet on olx because some people might be in urgent need for cash and can decide to sell their phone in a very cheap price to raise money.

Note: In olx you will be able to find New Phones, London used and Nigeria used phones. You are most likely to find Nigeria used phones, it your choice to keep searching for neat phone that suit you. The only problem is knowing a genuine sellers because some sellers are scammers and time wasters, See how you will know a genuine seller on olx here.

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Website:  www.olx.com

7 Jiji

Jiji offers the same service olx does so i won’t be talking much on this as i have already explained it above. The different is that jiji has no good method of seller verification as it stand, which olx posses.

You will enjoy buying from olx if you play wisely, in other to keep you safe when buying on olx or jiji i have writing an article to guide you, title how to known scammers on olx and jiji Also See how you can browse jiji website for free.

Website: www.jiji.ng

In hear, the king word is that the best place to buy cheap phones in Nigeria is Lagos. How about if you are not in Lagos, wow sad but not bad, informationhood have a solution to that.


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How to Buy Phone/Tablet from Lagos even when you are not in Lagos

Earlier on i promise those who are not in Lagos how they will also benefit on these article, if you are not in Lagos you would want to give up some times buying cheap phones but i tell you there is still hope for you. These step should be able to help a bit though it won’t be too cheap for you because of the process it will go through before it get to you, but for sure will be better than buying it from shops in your location.

In other to buy item from Lagos you will need a waybill service, but how do you pay for the item and who will do the way-billing service? Well there are services which can help you have all this process done safe.

How you can pay for the item and have it ship to you

The process of paying for the item is as easy as that of who do the way-billing process so this cut down the whole worries. There are so many pickup service in Nigeria, what those service does is to pick up items for people who can’t go get the item themselves and have it deliver to them if the buyer is in Lagos. But if not in Lagos, e.g from Delta state and want to buy in Lagos, then you will have to contact any of those pickup service, give them contact of the seller, then they will call the seller and meet with him, as soon they are there and confirm the item is real then they will ask you to transfer the money to the seller so they can have the item. They will then drive straight to waybill center and send you the item.

Note: There is amount they will charge you as service fee.

Pickup agency will help you with all complete process of getting your items to your state.

Alternative 2

There is another alternative which is pleading the seller to help you waybill the item to you using transportation service such as ABC Motors, God is Good Motors etc. But the seller will ask you to pay for the item which is right to do, but make sure the seller is genuine and have a shop before proceeding, you can also further more request some private information from the seller for more safety. Check out the post How to waybill or send items from Lagos to any location in Nigeria.

So my dear, these is the means of buying cheap smart phones or tablets in Nigeria, Lagos to be precisely. You can get any of the phones that are in Nigeria markets such as Nokia, Infinix, LG, Tecno, Gionee, Blackberry, Iphone’s, and other’s android phones, you can drop your comment below if you have any thing to say and ask regarding this post.

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